About Us

Vision: Phoenix Exchange®™ aims to set a benchmark in service and innovative solutions for the finishing industry of sub Saharan Africa.

Mission: We are committed to making a difference in all our Projects by providing innovative engineered solutions and adhering to Principles of employment equity, Equal opportunity and Empowerment; Regardless of Gender, Race, Colour or Creed.

Values: We respect our clients, customers and our team and we conduct our business with dignity, commitment and integrity

An important part of our corporate culture is friendship with our customers to which end we claim ourselves to be “the friendly people” To us, friendship means “doing what friends do” i.e. being sincerely interested in our customers, offering advice on product and trends as we understand these, making sure that you receive your orders and requests for assistance without delay, working with you in good times and bad and being there for you when you need us.

Products branded Radical®™ are manufactured at our appointed overseas plants who themselves have been vetted to ensure manufacturing quality to international standards. Products with other brands are sourced from world renowned suppliers. This ensures our ability to deliver quality product at good “value for money” prices