Automated Powder Coating Plants

Automated Powder Coating Plants

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Powder Coating

Powder coatings are ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous metal requiring a protective in addition to a decorative finish. Thermo setting powder coatings are now generally recognized as having a significant role in the metal finishing industries worldwide. Powder coatings have been a commercial reality now for as much as forty years.

Powder coating is probably the most exciting finishing method to be introduced in the past hundred years. Rarely does a new technique offer significant performance advantages and at the same time offer reduced costs. Powder coating not only meets those criteria, but also at the same time offers the best solution to meeting environmental regulations both now and in the future.

Some of the benefits of powder coating are as follows:

  • Ease of application
  • Nature friendly
  • Economical
  • Superior finish
  • Elimination of solid waste disposal problems
  • Solvent emissions are virtually eliminated.
  • Energy costs are greatly reduced and volatile organic component easily controlled
  • No solvents required in mixing, cleaning or maintenance
  • Up to 96% of powder over spray can be recovered and reused. The remaining percentage residual can be easily be disposed off as a solid
  • Powder coatings are single coat finishes, with no primer required
  • High film thickness can be achieved with a single coat.
  • As the process is simple, quick drying / curing can be automated, enabling high production plants to operate economically with minimum of quality rejects.


  • Modular Construction with appropriate booth size and material.
  • Appropriate Pre heating & curing ovens
  • Appropriate insulation for ovens.
  • Appropriate material handling system (Manual, Automated)
  • Dust collection.
  • Mono or multiple cyclone recovery.
  • Optional cartridge recovery system.
  • Safety interlocking and emergency stops
  • OHSA Compliant.
  • Fire Norms Compliant.
  • Environmental norms compliant.


  1. Fully automated control panel with 10.4 inch HMI and PLC.
  2. Optional Web control and report tracking over MS. Excel.
  3. Optional Maintenance alerts and in built operator guidance
  4. Electrical certificate of compliance for all electrical installations.
  5. Load test certificates for lifting equipment & structures.
  6. Optional Single point control of material handling, Pretreatment & Spray VIA HMI.
  7. Integration of Controls in existing HMI and SCADA system if present.
  8. Optional Manual control panel with push buttons.
Automated Powder Coating Plants

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