Automated Pressure Testing

Automated Pressure Testing

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Pressure Testing

Hydro Static Pressure Testing Machine

Hydro-static pressure tests are a requirement of industry before valves and pumps a quality approved in the manufacturing process. Our fully automated pressure testing machine provides simple touch screen operations to test pumps or valves, obtain a pressure curve and test certificate.

The specially designed machine has 12 inch touch screen windows 7 panel pc, Mitsubishi PLC and printing functionality. The machine can be customized to link with your existing ERP to use hand held scanners to identify components being tested.

This automated machine is a mobile pressure testing machine with simple plug and play option


  • Simple touch screen operation – Easy to Use
  • Plug and play – Easy To Set Up and Get Going
  • Test report tracking – Excellent Record Keeping
  • Operator performance tracking. Good control of test production
  • Test result database over SQL server. Stored information available whenever you need it.
  • Range 3 BAR to 160 BAR. One Machine for wide test ranges
  • Print certificate functionality. Satisfy customer, ISO and other quality control stipulations
  • Complete customization for your pressure testing needs. Can be designed and made to your specific requirements
  • OHSA Compliant.
  • Fire Norms Compliant.
  • Environmental norms compliant.


  1. Fully automated control panel with 10.4 inch HMI and PLC.
  2. Optional Web control and report tracking over MS. Excel.
  3. Optional Maintenance alerts and in built operator guidance
  4. Electrical certificate of compliance for all electrical installations.
  5. Optional Single point control of material handling, Pretreatment, Pressure testing, Spray & Curing VIA HMI.

Automated Pressure Testing

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Automotive ManufacturingLight Heavy Duty ManufacturingWood FinishPlastic Finishing


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