Automation & Control Systems

Automation & Control Systems

The Phoenix Exchange®™ believes in efficient manufacturing facilities by eliminating human error and wastage. Todays modern manufacturing plants are powered by complete automated solutions provided by PLC’s and SCADA systems. Industrial automation and Control Systems is taking over every sector, be it aero space or agriculture, Manufacturing, mining or power.

We offer our services to manufacturing processes by visiting sites and identifying all possible improvements needed in the existing process. We implement advised solutions with an in house instrumentation team to extract best possible results.

Our water management automation system boosts live error tracking and live reporting over GPRS network to safeguard the pumps from running dry and control all pump operations remotely.

Sectors Served

Automotive ManufacturingLight Heavy Duty ManufacturingWood FinishPlastic FinishingMiningRailway

AviationDefenseYachtsPump ValvesWater ManagementFMCG