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Conveyor Systems

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Conveyor Systems

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An automated paint shop is back boned by conveyors – over head or ground. The automatic paint shops are developed around the conveyor line and therefore define the production capacities and outputs. The entire furniture, white goods appliance and automobile industry is dependent on the paint shop conveyors.

The Phoenix Exchange®™ offers a wide range of conveyors depending on the component size and weight and the production rate required by the client. We make sure the conveyor speed caters for existing production rate and the growth in production in the near future as advised by the client.


  • Modular Construction for easy extension or reduction.
  • Motorized or manual conveyor trolleys.
  • Load test certificates for all structures.
  • Safety interlocking and emergency stops
  • OHSA Compliant.
  • Fire Norms Compliant.
  • Environmental norms compliant.


  1. Fully automated control panel with 10.4 inch HMI and PLC.
  2. Optional Web control and report tracking over MS. Excel.
  3. Optional Maintenance alerts and in built operator guidance
  4. Electrical certificate of compliance for all electrical installations.
  5. Optional Single point control of material handling, Pretreatment, Spray & Curing VIA HMI.
  6. Integration of Controls in existing HMI and SCADA system if present.
Conveyor Systems

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