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Industrial Ovens

With the advent of the newer paints and painting systems, production processes demand the best of the paint curing and baking systems very commonly called ‘ovens’. Required temperatures and paint curing cycles also decide the size and volume of the ovens. Industrial Oven is usually divided into two types – batch type and conveyorised. Ovens can also be used for drying components after dip pretreatment on the same conveyor line. Heated high velocity air type ovens are used for flash off zone for a speedy flash off process.

Humidity and Temperature control ovens are the need of todays FMCG industry, Providing accurate results desired by the client.

These are the most widely used ovens in small and very small industries. Components are painted and hung on specially designed racks and trolleys and then pushed into the oven. Used for wet paint as well as powder coating. Types available – electric, gas fired, oil fired and infra red.

These ovens work on convection heating . Depending upon the conveyor speed, jig volume, substrate thickness and time required for the coating to bake; the heat load of the oven is calculated and designed. Types available – gas or LDO fired.


  • Modular Construction for easy extension or reduction.
  • Male/female interlocking panels for easy installations and dismantling.
  • Open impeller plug fans with direct shaft to ensure consistent performance for years.
  • Rockwool insulation on all panels.
  • Reliable burners.
  • SS heat exchangers for maximum efficiency..
  • Safety interlocking and emergency stops
  • Temperature & humidity control.
  • OHSA Compliant.
  • Fire Norms Compliant.
  • Environmental norms compliant.


  1. Fully automated control panel with 10.4 inch HMI and PLC.
  2. Optional Web control and also report tracking over MS. Excel.
  3. Optional Maintenance alerts and in built operator guidance
  4. Electrical certificate of compliance for all electrical installations.
  5. Optional Single point control of material handling, Pretreatment, Spray & Curing VIA HMI.
  6. Integration of Controls in existing HMI and SCADA system if present.

Industrial Oven

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