Industrial Spray Booths

Industrial Spray Booths

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Spray Booths

Spray booths are essential for spraying of the finished components to ensure the paint fumes do not affect the health and safety of the employees in the plant area. Also spray booths ensure high quality of paint application by eliminating dust deposition on the components. Spray painting booths are designed precisely on the production requirement and quality requirement of the client.

We offer following types of spray booth :

  • Side draft water wash.
  • Side draft dry baffle.
  • Down draft
  • Semi down draft.
  • Down draft water wash.
Water wash booths are ideal for high production rate and high consumption of paint. The thin layer of water on the side wall ensures excess paint trapping and disposing the same to waste water.

Dry baffle booths are ideal for lower production rates because of the filtration used for eliminating excess paint spray and requires frequent changing of booth filters.

We offer complete automation on the painting lines with paint kitchens ensuring consistent and automated paint mixing & supply and reciprocators/robotic spray guns for spraying.

Our innovation in spray painting lines is worth mentioning for cutting down the production time by implementing automated operator less spraying.


  • Modular Construction with appropriate booth size and material.
  • Appropriate filtration.
  • Appropriate insulation for ovens.
  • Appropriate material handling system (Manual, Automated)
  • Adequate extraction to maintain .5 m/s air flow velocity.
  • Easy maintainable pumps for water wash booths.
  • Safety interlocking and emergency stops
  • OHSA Compliant.
  • Fire Norms Compliant.
  • Environmental norms compliant.


  1. Fully automated control panel with 10.4 inch HMI and PLC.
  2. Optional Web control and report tracking over MS. Excel.
  3. Optional Maintenance alerts and in built operator guidance
  4. Electrical certificate of compliance for all electrical installations.
  5. Load test certificates for lifting equipment & structures.
  6. Optional Single point control of material handling, Pretreatment & Spray VIA HMI.
  7. Integration of Controls in existing HMI and SCADA system if present.
  8. Optional Manual control panel with push buttons.

Industrial Spray Booths

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