Infrared Curing

Infrared Curing

Infrared CuringSpecifications & Features

IR Lights

Shortwave infrared differs from conventional infrared, in that its wavelength penetrates deep into surface paint layer, which makes the temperature of the paint layer’s basic body increase quickly thus bringing about a spontaneous hot domino effect. Moisture in the paint layer will quickly vaporize from inside to outside.

Specifications & Features

Aluminum alloy construction.

  • Equipped with Vpower 21’ quartz shortwave infrared light tubes.
  • Fully automatic device equipped with LCD digital electric timer.
  • Equipped with pulsed ultrasonic baking function.
  • Single phase 220V 15A 50HZ 3 x 1100W
  • Temperature 40 – 75 degrees Celsius
  • Set Time Parameters 0-60 Mins
Infrared Curing

Sectors Served

DefenseAviationHeavy EarthmovingLocomotive

Earthmoving TrucksCommercial VehiclesPassenger VehiclesYachts