Our Clients

SA French – Torre industries

SA French manufactures and installs tower cranes for construction industry, these cranes are rented out to construction contractors performing heavy construction projects requiring assistance of cranes for ease of application. These cranes are assembled on site in 10 x 2 meter parts and these parts have to be repainted when they come back from any site. The challenge here and our feed was that the parts are covered with concrete mix as usually present on any construction site hence the cleaning and stripping of old paint was required before a new coat of paint was applied. The client requested for in budget solution to attain the desired finish of their parts so as to always have their parts going to their client sites in factory condition.

With our expert engineering team we offered a turnkey solution of a semi-automatic recovery shot blasting booth, a spray booth, screw compressor, compressed air reticulation & material handling system to transfer their parts from loading to shot blasting to spray booth to cure areas. The plant was so designed as to comply with fire requirements of South Africa and the fire marshal of the area was happy to sign off the installation. All the compliance certification with the manuals and check lists for maintenance of the plant were handed to relevant departments on commissioning.

A training session was held for operators and managers of the plant for them to acquaint themselves with the SOP and emergency instructions.

Our project management team kept the client in loop for every step of the project making the client well informed about the project progress.

Project Start: October 2016
Project Completion: Jan 2017
Project Location: Waterfall, Midrand, Gauteng.


Peninsular Beverages Coke Cola

Pen Bev Coka Cola are the authorized distributors and agents for Coka Cola Beverages in south Africa, they have their in house fleet of trucks to distribute the beverages to various points of sale. They needed a high end spray booth for refurbishing the trailer trucks so that they look in prestine condition always. A spray booth of 22000 x 5000 x 5000 (L x W x H) mm was designed with VSD control on all fan motors and an HMI & PLC control to automate the complete operations of the spray booth. This huge spray booth was installed in their Cape town Facility and commissioned successfully.

Project Start: Sep 2016
Project Completion: Nov 2016
Project Location: Parrow, Cape town, Western Cape


Aveng DFC

7 locations inside the manufacturing facility of this Valves manufacturer needed extraction solutions. Every solution was custom designed to fit their requirement. The items supplied were semi down draft spray booth, side draft spray booth, 3 x extraction rooms and 1 paint mixing room.

Project Start: May 2016
Project Completion: July 2016
Project Location: Boksburg, East Rand, Gauteng


Simmer Engineering

5.5 x 3.5 x 3 meters(LxWxH) Shot Blast & Spray Painting Line

Project Location: Germiston, Gauteng

Shot Blast Finish
Spray Painting Line
Spray Painting Booth
Simmer Engineering
Shot Blast