Preparation Stations

Preparation Stations

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Radical Preparation Stations

RadicalĀ®™ Preparation stations are designed for high efficiency dust removal from the work area. Robustly constructed to ensure long life in any workshop environment, these can also be customized to suit any specific layout or requirement.

Specifications & Features

Standard Size Air Handling Unit: 2375x1100x2650 mm (LxWxH) (approximately)

Single Centrifugal Fan.

Plenum and basement.

Also available with touch screen control panel if needed.


  1. With or without ceiling plenum (base only).
  2. Metallic basement
  3. Civil basement
  4. Touch screen Control Panel or manual panel
  5. Manual Control Panel.
  6. Extra Lighting.
  7. Extraction on side.
  8. Extraction from the floor.
  9. Drive through configuration if needed.
  10. With/without curtains
preparation stations

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