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Radical Omega Spray Booths

The Phoenix Exchange®™ paint booths, branded RADICAL®™, are designed specifically for the auto body shops using our 16 years of experience. These spray booths are furthermore completely customizable to fit your workshop needs. The basic configuration of a Radical®™ booth includes direct driven twin fan motors, burner, rock-wool insulated panels, and many more features, all with an emphasis on user and fire safety.

There are numerous other aspects of our booths that can be customized to client requirements or space constraints e.g. raised or sunk metal basement , pit basement, access ramps either inside of outside, manual or motor driven pressure controls, etc.

Top of the line Radical®™ booths come with touch screen controls which regulate and automatically maintain operating booth pressure and temperature to the pre-set parameters.

A Radical®™ booth will deliver all you need for your painting requirements.

Specifications & Features

  • Standard Size: 6900 x 4500 x 3200 (L x W x H), I.D
  • Customizable to accommodate commercial vehicles, heavy duty, vehicles earth moving equipment and also tanker sizes.
  • High density rock wool filled sandwich type double skin pre- fabricated panels assure excellent properties against baking temperature and provide consistent structure.
  • Equipment includes – 2 centrifugal fan blowers, high density all round filtration i.e., Control Panels – Manual/Electronic/ Touch Screen.
  • Adequate lighting to exceed 1500 LUX luminance, inside the booth
  • Economic and reliable.
  • Highly Safe and Efficient.
  • Spraying and baking is a simple, hassle free operation.
  • Numerous configurations and floor arrangements for flexibility and choice.
  • Color options for the booth.

*Contact us for detailed technical data

Complete Paint Booth Options

  1. Metallic basement double blower insulated panel
  2. Civil basement double blower, insulated panel.
  3. Metallic basement double blower, non insulated panel.
  4. Civil Basement double blower, non insulated panel.
  5. Ramp outside the both.
  6. Ramp Inside the booth.
  7. Manual pressure adjustment.
  8. Motorized pressure adjustment.
  9. Touch screen Control Panel.
  10. Manual Control Panel.
  11. Lighting arrangement on Side panels.
  12. Lighting arrangement inclined ceiling.
  13. Viewing panels for inspection.
  14. Drive through (tunnel type) Door positions.

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